Opting For The Short Sale Route - Selling Fire & Flood-Damaged Homes | Tacoma Downtown Merchants Group
Fire and flood-damaged homes can be a hard sell especially if you are selling it via traditional methods. In fact, it would be much easier for a house to be sold if it's completely destroyed than partially damaged as insurance companies will at least partially compensate you based on the value of the property. On the other hand, insurance policies can be very tricky when it comes to dealing with water-damaged properties. Consider this: If a home in good condition will take months before it can be sold, how much more for a property that is ruined by fire and flood? Fortunately, there is a faster route of selling your home and that is through a short sale route. And we will talk more about this topic in today's entry. What You Need To Know About Short Sale A short sale is an unconventional way of selling a house or any other real estate property for less than the outstanding mortgage. The way this process works usually begins with the investment company sending you an