Wagashi of Kaga Temari- shaped of Ishikawa prefecture
Cute Wagashi, Kaga Temari / candied walnut filled Japanese wafers This wagashi (Japanese style sweet) has a shape of tiny temari,so you can put it up on the center of your palm.The out side is made with a kind of Japanese wafer,and candied walnut filled inside. The candied walnut was eaten traditionally in the Kaga district.They matched the candied walnut with a wafer and created a new sweet. Wafer harmonizes with the sweetness of walnut well.It tastes simple but rich and nostalgic,so this tiny sweet will fills your heart with satisfaction. Kaga is the names of a province in the old times in Japan.It is well known by its rich castle town,and traditional Japanese cultures are still prosperous there. Temari is a toy(ball) for Japanese girls of old times.There was not a rubber ball,they made a temari(a kind of ball) by themselves. To make a ball,they used cotton and they wound a thread around it round and round.When a ball was made,they decorated the surface with many colors of