Japanese Sweets Candy of Tokyo Sky Tree Town
Limited to Japanese Sweets of Solamachi shop of Tokyo Sky Tree Town If you are a big fan of cute Japanese sweets, why not try "TOKYO SKY TREE TOWN® MIX" ? I can recommend it as a souvenir. As the store's name "CANDY SHOW TIME" represents, candies are being made right in front of your eyes! in the shop! They lengthen a thick candy like a log ,and cut it small. We can try fresh candies, and buy various products of fresh confectionery which has been just put out at the shop. You’ll definitely be impressed by how beautifully and skillfully the candies are made! Reference candy-showtime.com/ Reference http://retty.me/ These are original candies,"TOKYO SKY TREE TOWN® MIX" Reference candy-showtime.com/ There are 5 kinds of flavors; ・TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN Silhouette: blue apple flavor ・TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN♥ :strawberry flavor ・TOKYO Solamachi★:lemon flavor ・Candy show time:cola taste ・Logo mark :grape flavor Here is a cute original package. It is a perfect souvenir.