Japanese sweet of Tokyo banana (東京ばな奈)
The Japanese sweet of Tokyo banana which keep evolving fashionably "Tokyo banana (東京ばな奈)" is the most popular Japanese sweet of Tokyo. This is shaped like a banana which is slightly fat and short. Don't you think the banana printed on the rapping paper which wears a bow tie looks snobby and stylish? Japanese sweet "Plentiful banana custard cream" Reference tokyobanana.jp It is the original Tokyo banana that my mom have eaten since she was a student. Plentiful banana custard cream which has a real banana flavor filled in the fluffy sponge cake, and the cream is not overly Japanese sweet so it's delicious. The design is still plain. Many years have passed, and product variety has increased and "Tokyo banana" has become gorgeous and fashionable. Japanese sweet "Rape-flower banana shake flavor" Reference tokyobanana.jp The vanilla flavored sponge cake softly wraps milk flavored banana custard cream. The pattern design of the sponge cake is a cute spring rape-flower. It may be