Wagashi (Japanese Sweet) for the Children’s Festival
Wagashi of Tango no Sekku (the Children's Festival) Tango (May 5 of lunar calendar) no Sekku is one of the traditional and seasonal events in Japan. People pray for the healthy growth of the children and celebrate on May 5th, is called "子供の日 (the Children's Festival)". It was originally a boy's festival, but was changed to include both genders. They display a Koinobori (carp streamer ) and a Kabuto (Nippon style helmet). There are also customs to eat special wagashi (chimaki or kashiwamochi) on the day. Reference ningyo-kyokai.or.jp/sekku/tango.html Kashiwamochi is a rice cake which contains sweet bean jam inside, and is wrapped in an oak leaf. Oak trees don't shed old leaves until new leaves grow, they are seen as a symbol of the longevity and prosperity of family. "Kashiwa-mochi (oak-leaf-wrapped rice cake)", produced by Ginza-akebono There are 2 kinds of rice cakes: plain of white color and mugwort of green color. Reference ginza-akebono.co.jp/products/kashiwamochi.html