Summer Season Wagashi-Look, Taste , and Feel a Coolness
Summer Wagashi Summer in Japan is really hot ,so people thought out some method to feel a coolness a coolness through! visual sensation. This idea is made use of in the creation of the Japanese sweet. You can see the scenery of the clear stream in this Ryo-kan-sui. Sweet fishes are coming and going in a flow The green leaves of the maple are scattered,and there are white pebbles and brown pebbles at the bottom of the water. You may listen the sound of a stream. Please taste the cool with the tongue after you thoroughly enjoy seeing the scenery in this sweet. During the summer season wagashi products are produced using kanten(agar), and so on to instill a sense of refreshment; each single ingredient is chosen carefully to express the season. Ryo-kan-sui is delicious sweet to be served and eaten chilled in hot summer. The upper part expresses the surface of the water with transparent agar, and the lower part is yogurt taste with the agar of the light blue which has softer texture.