Spring Wagashi, Japanese Sweets of Sakura
Wagashi expresses spring scenery of Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) Do you know beautiful spring cherry blossoms loved by Japanese for a long time? I am pleased to introduce to you some beautiful wagashi that expresses spring cherry blossoms. "Sakura", produced by Suetomi A cherry blossom is called "sakura" in Japanese. This wagashi is named after a shape of sakura. The dough is made from a rice powder (grated yam powder or finer rice powder) is kneaded with the help of the stickiness of grated yam. The Suetomi shop is skilled at making yam dough. It has a rich flavor with a bit of Koshi-An(strained sweet bean paste) filling wrapped in the dough, which makes yam taste even more flavorful. Reference kyoto-suetomi.com/seasonal/summer.html The wagashi expresses scenery of a shower of of falling cherry blossoms. "Hana-fubuki (a shower of blossoms)", produced by Kobai The pink and white colors represent a beautiful scenery of a shower of of falling cherry blossoms. It is an unbaked wagashi with