Japanese Sweets “Konpeito (sugar crystals)” of Kyoto
Really delicious Japanese sweets that are popular among the people of Kyoto Did you know that the people of Kyoto have unique tastes in art and cuisine?I am pleased to introduce to you an excellent Kyoto confectioner which is very popular for a long time. "Konpeito (sugar crystals) produced by Ryokujuanshimizu"It is the only long-established store specializing in konpeito in Japan. Reference www.konpeito.co.jp/konpeito.html Konpeito is a small sphere-shaped candy with horn-like projections made from sugar and water. You can enjoy it because it's very crunchy and sweet, and they look like colorful little stars. "These are seasonable items" Reference www.konpeito.co.jp/shouhin.htmlYou can enjoy various seasonable and beautiful designs, colors, forms and flavors."Ultimate chocolate konpeito" Reference www.konpeito.co.jp/shouhin.htmlIt tastes rich, but is also light and delicate; it takes expert craftsmen 18 days to make it. This konpeito is like chocolate which doesn't