Wagashi is the Most Popular Regional Specialty of Hiroshima
Rare wagashi of various types of Momiji-manjyu Do you know wagashi Momiji-manjyu (maple leaf-aped steamed (bean-jam) bun), a regional specialty of Hiroshima prefecture in Japan? This is how “Momiji-manjyu” confectionery is made: bean jam is wrapped in sponge cake dough which contains wheat flour, eggs, sugar, and honey, and then they are baked in leaf-shaped iron molds called “kata”. The Momiji-manjyu is now ready to be served. Reference www.fujiiya.co.jp There are various types of Momiji-manjyu. Momiji-manjyu is available in many different varieties. Here are some interesting, rare types. "Apples cooked in wine." You can enjoy the texture of fresh apple. The apples are cooked in wine to make them soft. Reference kashidokoro-kimura.net/content/view/6/6/ "Powdered green tea dough and coarse red bean jam flavor." Reference momiji-yamadaya.co.jp/ "Chocolate-coated." The chocolate transforms this traditional Japanese dessert (Momiji-manjyu ) into a Japanese western style sweet.