Local souvenir ranking of Pretz’s Japanese Sweets or Snacks
“Pretz”(プリッツ) in the local souvenir ranking of Glico’s Japanese Sweets You know what? There are many souvenir products which are available only in those regions of Japan. They are sold at each local airport, station, service area on highways, and stands at sightseeing spots. “Giant Pretz(ジャイアントプリッツ)” is a big pretzel-like stick which is approximately 21cm (8.5 inch) long. On the other hand, "Tiny Pretz(ちっちゃなプリッツ)" is 2.2 cm(0.86 inch) long, and it is the shortest in the history of Pretz, so you can enjoy nibbling on these Japanese sweets or snacks little by little. I 'd like to introduce to you Glico’s snacks' Pretz in the local souvenir ranking. No1 : “Giant Pretz with Hakata-brand Mentaiko(Spicy Caviar) Taste” (Mentaiko is salted cod roe 'caviar' spiced with red pepper) It is a kind of Pretz with a spicy caviar taste, which is the specialty of Fukuoka prefecture. The Hakata Mentaiko is one of the most famous and popular souvenirs among tourists visiting the Kyushu district. 10%