Wagashi (Japanese style sweet) of Iwate prefecture
Background of Wagashi You know what. Iwate prefecture is the second largest after Hokkaido and chosen in the “Selected 100 Exquisite and Well-Conserved Waters.” You can enjoy finding nice sightseeing spot and local delicious dishes and souvenirs of Japanese sweet in Iwate prefecture. The local specialty is Wanko soba, Maesawa beef, and the cold noodles and shabu shabu noodles are also delicious. The sightseeing spot “Ryusendo Cave”, with a total length estimated to be over 2.5 kilometers to 5 kilometers, is famous. The water of the Ryusendo Caves is renowned for its extraordinary transparency. Presenting Local Souvenirs of Popular Wagashi "Nanbu Senbei", produced by Iwateya Made by kneading wheat flour with water, putting it in a round form and baking firmly. Their characteristic is the thin and crispy part on the margins, called “ears”. Sesame, peanuts and butter flavored, cookie type, rice crackers for soup, there is actually a wide variety. Reference iwateya.co