Japanese Western-Style Sweet of Ibaraki
Presenting Japanese Western-Style Sweet of Ibaraki Local Souvenirs Did you know that Ibaraki prefecture is famous for Natto, fermented soybeans and Umeshu, plum wine and is the largest producer of melon in Japan? Let’s take a look at local popular souvenirs Japanese western-style sweet of Ibaraki prefecture. Japanese sweet “Melon Baumkuchen”, produced by Farmkuchen Fukasaku Baumkuchen made from carefully selected ingredients including melon. A masterpiece produced by melon producers with rich flavor of melon and sweet melting texture. Reference farmkuchen.com/melon/index.html Japanese sweet “Omitamapurin”, produced by Yamanishi-syouten A legendary pudding that sold out in a few minutes despite its high price after being introduced on media. A top quality Japanese sweet made using cage-free eggs from chickens raised in the natural environment of Hitachi and locally produced non-homogenized milk with rich flavor. Rich taste of cream layer and soft texture of pudding layer are really