Japanese Western-Style Sweet of Fukushima
Presenting Japanese Western-Style of Fukushima Prefecture Local Souvenirs You know what? Unique local dishes and Japanese sweet have developed in Fukushima. Let’s take a look at local popular souvenirs Japanese western-style sweet of Fukushima prefecture. In Aizu city basin where severe spell of cold weather continues, a variety of preservative foods are eaten including frozen bean curd, dried persimmons, and herring sushi. Inland area is richly cultivated with silk and there are many festivals where local people celebrate with Japanese sweet rice balls coated with sweetened red beans, rice cakes, and dumplings according to silk cultivation calendar. Name of the Japanese sweet means “milk-drinker” in Spanish. "Mama-doll", produced by Sanmangoku. Reference sendai.apshop.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=332 A butter flavored baked cake filled with milk-flavored bean paste. Japanese sweet "Ekison pie", produced by Sanmangoku A European puff pastry filled with sweet bean paste. The