Japanese Sweet of Akita Prefecture
Presenting Akita Prefecture Local Souvenirs of Japanese Sweet Did you know that Akita prefecture is a prominent rice and liquor producing area in Tohoku district. Let's take a look at local popular souvenirs of Japanese western-style sweet. "Butter Mochi (rice cake)", local Japanese sweet of north Akita city Sprung into fame after being presented on TV. A home-made dish handed down in "Matagi no Sato", Kita-Akita City. The butter’s flavor and the soft texture enjoy popularity. An unusual rice cake that does not harden even if taken out on a cold winter day or cooled. A local sweet that the hunting people of Matagi ate as preserved food during winter. Reference ani-akibayashi.com/?pid=42571360 "Ice Butter Mochi (rice cake)", local Japanese sweet of north Akita city Recommended among the butter rice cakes is the “ice butter rice cake.” After thawing for about 5 minutes at room temperature it becomes a cold, stretchy rice cake. Lightly sweetened by mixing butter, sugar and eggs. The