Popular Wagashi “Meme Oyaki” of Sapporo city, Hokkaido
Did you know popular wagashi (Japanese style sweet) of Hokkaido ? “Oyaki (bun)” is a type of side dish which wraps bean jam made from adzuki beans, vegetables kneaded with wheat flour, buckwheat flour, and is baked. These are circle-shaped, about 8-10cm in diameter and 2-3cm in thickness. Wagashi (Japanese style sweet) which contains sweet bean jam or cream instead of adzuki bean and vegetables are called "Oubanyaki "(Japanese muffin containing bean jam served hot), or called “Imagawa-yaki” by people in Nagano. However, Hokkaido people call them “Oyaki”. I am pleased to introduce to you “Meme Oyaki” items, which are the most popular Japanese sweet in Hokkaido. "Meme Oyaki (めめ おやき)" unique wagashi (Japanese style sweet) Texture of these are different from those of other shops’ ones. They are very moist and yummy! The delicious texture is chewy and stretches like a mochi (rice cake), which are different from daifuku or manju. Once you eat one, you’ll get addicted to the exquisite