Popular Wagashi or Japanese Sweets of Tokyo Station
Tokyo Station ! Let's find nice souvenir of wagashi or Japanese sweet! I am pleased to introduce to you some nice wagashi or Japanese sweets of Tokyo station souvenir. If you are interested in the brick architecture of Tokyo station, I recommend these brick-shaped chocolate cookies and bean-jam buns sweets. "Tokyo An-pan,Tokyo brick bun pack" Reference tokyostaioncity.com "Matsuya Marunouchi, Tokyo, Tokyo Station of the 100th anniversary tile-shaped Kawara-senbei (rice-cracker)" There is Kawara-senbei (rice crackers) with the picture, too. Reference www. matsuya.com "YOKU MOKU, the brick of the Tokyo station building" Reference tokyostaioncity.com Reference tokyostaioncity.com "Imuraya Syoufuku (good luck charm)Yokan (azuki-bean jelly) , terminal building on the Tokyo station" Reference news.walkerplus.com Tokyo station celebrated its 100th anniversary in December, 2014. Do you know about the trouble involving the shortage of