Japanese Sweet’s “Glicopia Kobe” of “Pocky” and “Pretz”
You can enjoy watching Japanese Sweets of "Pocky" and "Pretz" being made I'd like to introduce to you a nice Japanese sightseeing spot involving Japanese sweets in Kobe. Do you know Glico, the famous Japanese confection maker of "Pocky" and "Pretz"? "Glicopia Kobe": You can enjoy watching "Pocky" and "Pretz" being made. Reference hankyu.co.jp/ekiblo/ayapon/13725/ You can see the production line from 100m away, from mixing the raw materials to packing. Reference glico.co.jp/glicopia/kobe/10guide.html The 3F hall has a 3D theater and a "Glico Toy Corner", where confections containing free gifts are displayed. " 3D theater " Reference guide.travel.co.jp/ "Glico Toy Corner" There are toys that have been packaged with Glico caramel. Reference glico.co.jp/glicopia/kobe/03guide.html You can buy various Japanese souvenirs in the Glicopia shop. There are many rare Glico products, Bisco in its original packaging and so on. Reference hankyu.co.jp/ekiblo/ayapon/13725/ http://www.glico