Japanese Pretz (プリッツ) and Pocky (ポッキー) of “Glicopia East”
Japanese sightseeing spots of Pretz (プリッツ) and Pocky (ポッキー) “Glicopia East (グリコピアイースト)” in Kanto area a museum has been opend in Saitama prefecture since 2012, You can enjoy watching the production processes for Pretz(プリッツ) and Pocky(ポッキー). Moreover, you will understand the pleasure of confectionery by films there, including "The Story of Mr. Ri-ichi Ezaki, the Founder of Glico" and "How Sweet is Made." Reference shop.glico.co.jp/gift-food/list_food.html Reference shop.glico.co.jp/gift-food/list_glicoya.html#pocky "Pocky Street and Pretz street" You can see the production line from mixing the raw materials to packing. Reference glico.co.jp/glicopia/east/event.html There are around 1,500 "Glico Toys”, they were free gifts packaged with Glico caramel are displayed here. Reference glico.co.jp/glicopia/east/display.html "Mini Factory" You can decorate Giant Pokey, it is perfect to give away as a souvenir. Reference glico.co.jp/glicopia/east/event.html "Photo Studio Zone