“Milk Pocky” and “Giant Caprico(Chocolate Coffee Taste of Koma-jirou)”
Milk Pocky and Caprico which collaborated with Kawaii "Koma-san" of "Yo-Kai Watch" You know what? "Koma-san" is one of the popular cute little monsters of cartoon "Yo-Kai Watch."The "Milk Pocky" and "Giant Caprico(chocolate coffee taste of Koma-jirou)" which collaborated with "Koma-san" have been launched from Ezaki Glico. Reference entabe.jp/news/gourmet/7353/youkai-watch-pokky-and-caprico-are-on-sale"What kind of character is Koma-san?" Reference  pic.prepics-cdn.co He is a specter who possessed the Komainu (guardian lion-dog statues) of a Shinto shrine in a country.One day he came over to the city, because the Shinto shrine was destroyed by human beings.His great favorite is soft-serve ice cream.The Komainu, a stone gatekeeper placed at the entrance of the Shinto shrine, is a protective god like a guardian angel. Reference ja.wikipedia.org "Milk Pocky of Koma-san" Reference entabe.jp/news/gourmet/7353/youkai-watch-pokky-and-caprico-are-on-sale This white Pocky is made