Wagashi ( Japanese Style Sweet) of “Fukiyose”
Like colorful leaves and jewel box wagashi (Japanese style sweet) It is like a jewel box of the Japanese sweets “Fukiyose”.The combination of various kinds of assorted confections is called “Fukiyose”. This confectionery resembles the state that colorful leaves were collected in one place by wind. They are beautiful in a visual sense and can keep good at normal temperature, so it is popular as a Japanese souvenir sweet. Reference kyomachiya.net/tomo/kasi/05.html Both the taste and the form are full of variety, higashi or rakugan (dry Japanese sweet), konpeito (toffee), rice cracker, okaki (kaki-mochi) and so on. Reference ginza-kikunoya.co.jp We show you some popular Fukiyose-sweets. These products are in the high rank by the ranking of the wagashi's souvenir in a magazine. “Chinmizoroi” We can only sell only few numbers daily as it is a manual work. Need reservations. They are an assort of the delicious dainty bits with more than 50 kinds from various parts of Japan.