Wagashi of kyoto and fasionable chocolate in New York, Dreamlike collaboration
Old- Established Wagashi and Chocolate Shops You know what ? "Kyoto Fuyaki senbei (soft baked cracker)"and chocolate are the best combinations. I’d like to introduce to you assorted wagashi (Japanese style sweet), Kyoto products ranked high in the shopping ranking of a magazine Fujingaho. "MarieBelle in New York &"Suetomi in Kyoto, Dreamlike collaboration" Reference fujingaho.ringbell.co.jp/index.php/module/ShohinSagasu "Chocolate de Marumaru" Reference fujingaho.ringbell.co.jp/index.php/module/ShohinSagasu A popular chocolatier shop "MarieBelle" in New York and a Japanese style sweet shop "Suetomi", established 120 years ago in Kyoto, collaborated for the first time to launch a product. The base is "Kyoto Fuyaki senbei (soft baked cracker)", which was baked carefully to keep its surface light and crispy, and the inside nice and soft. The sides of the cracker are coated with chocolate made from high quality cacao. It has two flavors, caramel and dark chocolate, and melts