Kyoto Style Wagashi(京菓子) Museum and Tea Room
Kyo-gashi Shiryokan,(Kyoto Style Wagashi(京菓子) Museum) Do you know about Kyo-gashi (京菓子)? It is a generic term that refers to Kyoto style wagashi(Japanese style sweet). It was made with a traditional method of Kyoto, and has been eaten for an event of ceremony: Imperial court, court noble, Buddhist temple, Shinto shrine, tea-ceremony and so on. In addition, Kyo-gashi are not just delicious, we can also enjoy the season through their looks. Kyoto is blessed with historical, cultural heritage buildings (temples, Shinto shrines, old-style townhouses called Machiya) and universities. The city has produced a lot of art, crafts, and culture, so it has been a very traditional town since the old days.The traditional background is reflected in Kyo-gashi today. Kyo-gashi Shiryokan (the Kyoto style Japanese sweet museum) displays the history of the Kyo-gashi clearly. We can observe about the Kyo-gashi: the ancient documents, pictures, tools, arts and crafts. We can enjoy seeing the art Japanese