Japanese Sweet Daifuku of Ehime Prefecture
Japanese sweet of fresh fruit Daifuku with refreshing abundance of fruit juice Do you know the delicious fruit Daifukus of local specialty? Daifuku is one of the most popular Japanese style sweets which is a soft round rice cake stuffed with sweet bean jam. I'd like to introduce to you unique Daifuku containing fruit instead of sweet bean jam. “Seikodo”, is a Japanese-style sweet shop established in 1952 in Ehime Prefecture. The store’s popular Daifuku are made by wrapping fresh Mandarin oranges in white sweet bean paste and strained bean paste. Ichifuku Hyakka Whole Mandarin Orange Daifuku, produced by Seikodo Reference fujingaho.ringbell.co.jp/etc/tokusyu_sweets_ranking.php Rich-tasting small Mandarin oranges from the famous location of “Seigoro Farm” in Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture are used. Instant freezing after confectioning condenses the taste. Excellent sweets resembling a new sensation of frozen Mandarin oranges. Best to eat after defrosting slowly in the refrigerator (about 3