Higashi ( Japanese dry sweet) of Fashionable Design’s Wagashi
Higashi (Japanese dry sweet) of high rating wagashi in famous Japanese magazine I will introduce interesting-shaped confections to you which receive a high rating in a magazine(Brutus). Magazine(Brutus) has introduced stylish life style of Japan. This time, they pick up the products of popular and fashionable wagashi, food and so on. I think that higashi is one of the most beautiful wagashi (Japanese style sweets) in Japan. “Monet” Reference shop.ricordi-sfera.com The higashi, dry confectins are designed in the motif of "Lotus Flowers" by Claude Monet, a painter. The sweets are a joint production of the architect unit CKR in Sweden and a sweets shop. There are plane flavor and green tea flavor. "UCHU drawing" Reference uchu-wagashi.jp Not only you can eat, but also can play as a puzzle. There are cocoa flavor and vanilla flavor. The cute shape is popular among children. "Takarapochibukuro (Treasure tip bag)" Reference kameya-yoshinaga.com The sweets are shaped like coins or