Popular Wagashi Senbei of Kagawa prefecture
Hand-grilled Shrimp Crackers of Wagashi Called “Aimusuyaki" Good snacks of popular wagashi senbei for us if we need more nutrition in you diet. Let’s take a look at hand-grilled shrimp crackers called “Makuya Aimusuyaki," which have been featured on Japanese TV and magazines. Reference www.aimusuyaki.net/03.html “Makuya” is the name of the store in Kagawa prefecture which produces and sells “Aimusuyaki” from the Meiji era. Since its inception, the company has not changed their traditional method of grilling crackers by hand, only using carefully selected tools, to bring the best out of the flavor of the ingredients. This is how “Aimusuyaki” is made. First, remove shrimps from the shells to use them as the main ingredient in the crackers. Second, place 4 to 5 shrimps on the bottom part of an iron-made. A round roaster called a “kata”. A kata is hot iron press-grill and uses for making senbei. A press down the top part of the roaster onto the shrimps so they are nicely grilled and