Japanese Sweet of Glico-ya, Pretz(プリッツ) and Pocky(ポッキー)
Glico-ya are retail outlets for many original Japanese Sweets Pretz(プリッツ) and Pocky(ポッキー) If you love Pretz (プリッツ) and Pocky(ポッキー), do not miss these Glico-ya(グリコや) shops in Japan. Glico (グリコ) is operating 16 stores across the country as of 2015.There are retail outlets for many original Japanese sweets of Glico. I am pleased to introduce to you these 16 stores where not only children but also adults are welcome. Reference ezaki-glico.net/glicoya/index.html Japanese Sweet of classic package They sell the original product of Pretz(プリッツ) and Bisco(ビスコ) which reproduce a classic package. Don't you think these have slightly old designs? These are limited products only for Glico-ya. You can enjoy the change of the design packages and original seals which each product contains. Reference www.ezaki-glico.net/glicoya/good2.html In addition, you can enjoy shopping a large variety of Glico-ya orignal giant series Pocky(ポッキー). Reference ezaki-glico.net/glicoya/good3.html Glico-ya