Fusion Chocolate of Western or Japanese Styles Sweets
Japanese Chocolate Sweets using high-quality ingredinets Did you know that the western-style Japanese Aichi confectioner have unique flavors: using high-quality green tea powder, soybean Flour and black soybean? I am pleased to introduce to you some excellent chocolate Japanese sweet shops which are very popular. Matcha chocolate with a deep green tea taste, produced by Okashidokoro Yamanaka Reference fujingaho.ringbell.co.jp/index.php/module/ShohinShosai/ Popular products with a fusion of Western and Japanese styles. “Soybean Flour Truffle”, which is a specially ordered domestic white chocolate coated with soybean flour, “Matcha Truffle”, which is a blend of domestic white chocolate with high-quality powdered green tea made in Nishio, Aichi Prefecture, coated with green tea powder, and matcha chocolates with the aroma of “Kirsch”, a cherry spirit, mixed in slightly bitter matcha, which brings out the taste of a new sensation. Matcha chocolate with Tanba black soybean produced by