Japanese Sweet of Strong Taste and Impression! Funa-zushi
Japanese Sweet of Funa-zushi (crucian carp sushi) Pie: Otsu City, Shiga, Funa-zushi is a local specialty of Shiga Prefecture. Crucian carps preserved in salt are mixed with rice, and it is fermented and picked well. The smell is unique and similar to natto and cheese. It is the high-end dish of Lake Biwa of Shiga. Another characteristic of Funa-zushi is that, the more you chew it, the more flavorful it becomes. Be prepared if you are eating it for the first time, though – you can be surprised by its strong smell and taste! You know what? Funa-zushi has become a pie! Is this reallyis a pie of Japanese sweets?! “Funa-zushi (crucian carp sushi) Pie”, produced by Ishiyama-tera Shiseian Reference shiseian.com/item/hunazusipai_shinamon/ 3 kinds of tastes are available : spice, plain, cinnamon sugar. The plain taste is strong smell of Funa-zushi , so I don’t recommend it to you if you don’tlike crucian carp sushi. However, spice and cinnamon ones, with less smell of the fish, are easy to eat