“Ezaki Memorial Hall” museum of Glico(グリコ) in Osaka
Did you know hidden sightseeing spot of famous Glico(グリコ) Japanese sweet maker which has produced many long-selling popular items ; Pretz(プリッツ), Pocky(ポッキー), caramel candy, Bisco(ビスコ) and so on? If you are an enthusiastic fan of the Glico products, I highly recommended this place to you. "Ezaki Memorial Hall", You can learn more about the history of Glico Japanese sweet maker which has a philosophy : "The Enjoyment of Tasty Treats" and "Enhancing Public Health through Food." You will know the secret of the Glico delicious taste. Reference glico-club.net/present/index.aspx There are many valuable items related to Mr. Ri-ichi Ezaki, is the founder of Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. You can enjoy seeing his various reference materials, Glico vending machines and wide display of approximately 4,000 of the unique toys packaged with Glico caramel over the years. Reservation is requested by the previous day (reservation by phone is accepted). Phone; 06-6477-8257 http://www.glico.co