Daifuku Wagashi of Strawberriy and Matcha
Wagashi of high ranking of Japanese sweet's shops on the internet You know what? Daifuku is is not high-price and popular wagashi in Japan. To a person who is looking for Japanese sweet which is not too sweet and filling. ”Daifuku”, one of the most popular traditional Japanese sweet, is sold in overseas sites. Daifuku is a mochi with red sweet bean paste filling. If you look at the ranking of the shopping sites of Japan, Daifuku stuffed with strawberries and matcha ( powdered green tea) are ranked high. Most of the customers are in their thirties and forties. These fruit are big, fresh and delicious. Reference item.rakuten.co.jp/kyogashi/itigodaihuku/ Here is a popular ”Strawberries ice cream Daifuku”. Reference item.rakuten.co.jp/kitanokashi-kafuu/ The mochi softly wraps milk flavored strawberries ice cream. Plentiful ice cream which has a real sour strawberries flavor filled in the fluffy mochi, and the ice cream is not overly sweet so it’s delicious. (The information refers to