Japanese Sweet Tokyo Banana of ‘Strawberry Flavor’
Cute sisters of Tokyo Banana(東京ばな奈), Lovely Japanese Sweets A strawberry’s sweet is very popular among Japanese regardless of generation. I am pleased to introduce some cute sister-like Tokyo Banana sweets of strawberry flavor. “Tokyo Banana in Ginza" Japanese Sweets of Strawberry Taste Strawberry cream of sweet-sour fruity and chocolate cream are wrapped by pink colored sponge cake. The chocolate cream is in the upper layer and the strawberry is in the lower layer. I recommend that you enjoy the 2 tastes at the same time. This confection expresses a spring season. Reference tokyobanana.jp/products/index.html#products-other I also recommend the strawberry taste confection made from the same plain dough as ancestor Tokyo Banana cake. Two kinds of creams; a custard which has the real texture of the strawberry and a plain custard are wrapped by a furry sponge cake. Please take a close look at the picture, you can see the custard cream in the upper layer and strawberry in the lower