Popupar Tokyo Wagashi ( Japanese Style Sweet) of Bean Daifuku
Wagashi representing Tokyo, 3 Japanese style sweet shops have some common points This word of mouth site introduces three shops of bean Daifuku representing Tokyo of wagashi. You should not judge the quality of the product from the plain exterior of the shop. Please look at this long line of people. The popular products are sold out in the morning when you need to stand in line to wait from early time. Those shops which get good reviews hardly advertise by themselves. Reference mcha.jp/1716 Please take a closer look at the cut surface of this wagashi dumpling, Daifuku Mochi. Reference image1-3.tabelog.k-img.com The generous amount of sweet bean jam (Anko) in it will make you happy. The bean jam accounts for 90% of the Daifuku, covered with the rice cake part. "Mizuho" Reference mcha.jp/1716 The soft rice cake gently wraps around the moist, rich jam. Bean Daifuku is smaller than a usual cake, so you can enjoy several pieces at a time. Reference image1-3.tabelog.k-img.com