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By Guest Blogger: Dana Brown Get your hand away from those pills, that bottle of booze, or that smartphone. When you’re feeling under the weather or down in the dumps, there are often ways to lift yourself back up that don’t involve modern medicine, chemical substances, or advanced technology. If you integrate those practices into your everyday life, you’ll find yourself resilient to the stresses and strains of the modern world that let leave many others flailing in despair. Are you ready to embark on the path to good health and overall well-being? Then read on for some advice that’ll have you wondering why you didn’t start sooner. Buy Whole Foods No, not from that specific grocery store, though that’s fine if you already shop there. What that really means is fruits, veggies, meats, and dairy that are free of preservatives and hopefully not far from where they were grown or raised. That ensures your body gets the nutrition it needs, as long as you know how to cook at least a few healthy dishes. Get Some Exercise According to a writer with Livestrong.com, when you don’t engage in some form of physical activity, you gain weight, which raises your blood pressure and makes you more susceptible to a variety of conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. You’re also more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. Move your body, lose weight, and feel better — it’s that simple. Go Outdoors Are you ready to go for a jog after that last paragraph? Good, but don’t do it on the treadmill. Head to the park so you can enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. If you’ve got enough time on your hands, head to the lake for a swim or go mountain biking. The latter adds a bit of thrill to your life as you burn off calories, but just make sure you find a good model with the right suspension and frame for your size and optimal performance. Learn a Hobby Put aside distractions such as TV and the internet. They don’t make you feel better — they just take your mind off what’s bothering you. A pastime like playing the guitar or knitting has real mental health benefits, such as stress relief and a state of “flow” where your mind and body are in sync, says a psychologist writing for Psychology Today. They also make you more interesting, and who wants to talk to somebody who doesn’t do anything? Practice Mindfulness Meditation and yoga are two of the more popular ways to practice mindfulness. Both involve rhythmic breathing while concentrating on what you feel in the present to enter that state of “flow” mentioned above. That activates the parasympathetic nervous system to make you feel calm and eventually resilient to the negative effects of pressure. Be More Social You need your friends, and they need you. Although a quiet night in from time to time is far from harmful, it doesn’t give you the laughter and self-esteem boost that comes from hanging with your besties. If you’re stretched for time, that’s understandable — but it’s not excusable. Invite someone to the gym, throw an “Inbox Zero” party, or cook together. Keep Reading Your mind should be calm but still active; otherwise, your cognitive capacities weaken as a result of disuse. As you know, books keep you mentally sharp, whether they’re the old-fashioned print kind or available for download. Besides adding to your vocabulary, those texts boost your memory and help you see things from a different perspective. Hit the Road The destination doesn’t have to be that exotic, though it would be nice to trek through the Himalayas or snorkel in the Maldives. There are wonders that you haven’t seen just a few hours away from where you live and accessible on the weekends, and it’s worth making the effort as travel broadens your horizons, as they say. Feel better? You should, as just knowing the possibilities for a better life is a great source of motivation. Pick something from above and put it on your “to do” list for tomorrow. After all, getting started is the first step toward well-being. Dana is the creator of HealthConditions.info, which aims to provide Internet users with helpful content and resources that will lead them to making healthier decisions. Dana has 15 years of caregiving experience, and after seeing some patterns of poor health she became determined to help inform people about healthy living. Images via Pixabay Disclosure: This blog may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of these links, I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. 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