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CBD is not a new thing, but it’s newly in the media more and more due to people discovering it’s amazing benefits. I had heard of it quite a while ago and honestly thought it was the same as smoking pot. I figured it got you high, but maybe was more “elite” because people weren’t buying it off the streets from a shifty guy on the corner. When I started doing more research, I was happy to learn that quality CBD has very little THC, such a small amount that it rarely shows up drug tests. I was interested in this and here’s a snippet of my story to explain why: I read so many articles, so many! My eyes were spinning after about the 30th article and why they all promoted different companies and product types, every single article said the same thing: CBD is beneficial for many illnesses including depression and anxiety as well as chronic pain. When I read this numerous times, I was beginning to feel hope. Receive a Grove Sustainable Swaps Gift Set for FREE with your 1st purchase of $20+ See, I have dealt with extreme depression and anxiety for years, since I was a kid. I recently have developed chronic pain and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and with more research, I have found out that pain can go hand in with those mental health disorders and vice versa. It started to make sense to me. I had wondered why all of a sudden I was in so much pain. My jaw hurt due to my anxiety causing me to grind my teeth. My neck and shoulders hurt because I was so tense from anxiety, that I literally worked my muscles overtime. I had toothaches, migraines, nausea from the worrying, severe insomnia and exhaustion. I got to a point where I didn’t want to live anymore. I felt discouraged, frustrated, angry and confused. I figured, “If I have to live like this, why live at all?”. I felt suicidal nearly 24/7. If it weren’t for my husband, I wouldn’t be writing this. With his support, i was able to hold on due to the fact he knew what I was going through. But I would ask myself,”How do I get relief?”. I didn’t want to do anything destructive like drink or self injure again. I didn’t want to rely on food to make me feel better, that would only make things worse. I didn’t want to continue taking pain medicine that make me feel like a zombie. I didn’t want to continue taking an insane amount of anxiety pills when I felt like an attack was coming on so that’s when I started researching. It started with a simple google search. “Natural anxiety remedies.” “Natural pain remedies.” As you know, google gives you a ton of information and you click on website and then go to something else and pretty soon you are off on topics that have nothing to do with what you are looking for, but this time that crazy scavenger hunt, I came across a website about CBD. I wish so badly I could remember the site, but I can’t. It told me some basic benefits and then I researched my brains out! Hundreds of articles…(okay maybe not hundreds, but my brain was overwhelmed after reading the research!) One great thing is that mostly every company’s website I visited said one thing. “Do your own research.” I appreciated this because a lot of times, we see websites that just simply want you to buy their product and don’t tell you to go do your research before buying! So, fast forward about a month later or so and I found a company that offered a financial assistance program. They had studies, a blog, so many articles, testimonials and I felt pretty confident about it. I splurged and bought some CBD and my oil cost about $25 for these very tiny bottles and I also bought some vape juice from another company because I read that sometimes vaporizing CBD gives a more immediate effect. The vape juice was not cheap and it cost about $25 for a 30ml bottle. So I dropped about $50 (not including shipping) in a day. Needless to say I was broke, but I was also hopeful that I would find some relief. I knew this wouldn’t be a miracle cure, but to decrease my anxiety, pain, my tension, even by 10% is all I needed. Hell, I would take a %5 decrease! The packages came and I was nervous, but excited. I tried the CBD oil as directed on the bottle and it tasted…well, like pot. It was herbaceous, plantlike, and tasted like weed smelled. I didn’t love it, but nothing good comes easy, right? I didn’t feel anything right away and the rep I spoke to said to start small at my dosage and work up to see what works for me. I did that and after about 2 weeks of continuous use, I realized I had been sleeping, i woke up with less pain, less anxiety. It was weird, because I didn’t realize it at first, it was gradual and that was kind of surprising. I wanted an instant fix, and for me this was not it, but it worked…so I didn’t do much complaining. Next I tried the vape e-juice. It was a caramel custard flavor. I noticed this company had maybe 5 to choose from, including a flavorless additive, but I decided if I am splurging, I might as well enjoy the flavor of this vaporizer I’m inhaling. I tried it and at first I felt nothing. Then I kept using it, all day long and I seriously noticed a relaxing feeling in my muscles, I didn’t feel like screaming anymore or on edge, I felt much more relaxed and not in a drugged way, just a normal way. As if I were someone with regular, average worries and aches. I could deal with that! I felt so happy and relieved and I wanted to make sure this was not the placebo effect so I stopped my CBD use and just went back the way I was prior. The pain and anxiety came back full force and oddly enough, this kind of make me happy because I knew the CBD was helping and decreasing my symptoms. I kept using it for several months and had fantastic results. I felt human again, i felt like I had a quality of life that i hadn’t had in so long. Now, as we all know, all good things come to an end and that’s what happened. My CBD stopped working because I ran out and couldn’t afford more and still can’t. I am working on eventually getting more, but for now, I will rely on some essential oil help. The day I can afford it again, there will be a party! My point to all this is that you shouldn’t immediately dismiss something due to stigmas or incorrect beliefs. Also know that quality CBD oil is used a medicine, not a drug. Do you research and read articles. I’ve got some below you should read and check out and also a link to the companies I purchased from. Green Market Report on Bluebird Botanicals So many companies have so much to offer from oil, vape liquid, edibles, lotions, tinctures, and even pet products! The choices are endless! I know my story is a very small story, not yet finished, but I will surely be updating at a later date and hopefully giving more product reviews. 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