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“How much will it cost?” This seems to be the question on everyone’s mind when they seek to change or improve upon something in their life. Sleep is certainly free of charge, and a truly good night’s sleep will require a little bit of an investment on your part, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to revamp your sleep routine to help you rest easy knowing you are getting quality sleep without digging deep into your wallet. Block Out the Light One of the reasons you are having so much trouble falling and staying asleep could be due to the light streaming in from your bedroom. A simple fix is to hang room-darkening curtains. They allow a little bit of light in to help you wake up naturally in the morning but block out enough that you can sleep. For an excellent selection with a variety of lengths, colors, and designs, head over to Target. Pair Target coupons with their naturally low prices, and it’s a steal. If curtains aren’t an option or you are looking for a cheaper method to block out light, consider a sleep mask. Keep in mind that most sleep masks block out 99 percent of light, so you’ll need some sort of gradual alarm system to help you wake up. Cater to Your Senses Nighttime noises are another thing that could be keeping you from falling into a deep sleep. The smallest of noises can drive you crazy, but you can block out the sound by replacing it with soothing noises. Browse Amazon’s selection of sound machines, and take advantage of the retailer’s savings via discounts and free shipping on select items. Your sense of smell is another area you can tap into to help relax you before bedtime. Bath and Body Works carries a line of aromatherapy essential oils designed specifically for sleep and comes in several forms such as body lotion, pillow mist, and bubble bath. Children will enjoy the aroma too, and it can be part of the nighttime routine via a bubble bath or backrub. Sales happen very frequently both in-store and online, so use those deals and promo codes. Lower the Temperature Snuggling up in bed under a warm blanket is the best feeling, but several studies have shown that the ideal room temperature for optimal sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees. As you sleep, your body temperature drops, so cooling your room can not only help induce sleep a little more quickly, but doing so can also help you stay asleep too. It might feel a little chilly, but there are other ways to warm up. Bed Bath and Beyond has an entire section online dedicated to cold sleepers, with solutions like a warming mattress pad, fleece blankets, and fleece sheets. You get free shipping on orders over $39, and they often have sales and discount codes available. Perhaps you fall on the opposite end of the spectrum and find that you get hot at night, leading to tossing, turning, and constantly flipping the pillow to the cool side. You’re in luck though, as Kohl’s has temperature-regulating pillows to keep you nice and cool all night long. Add some extra savings with coupons and that coveted Kohl’s cash. If sleep is what you seek, look no further than these budget-friendly tips. Create the ideal sleep environment by blocking harsh light, relaxing with soothing sounds and scents, and setting the thermostat a little lower. Sleep is crucial, but you only have to spend a little to sleep a lot. Dana is the creator of HealthConditions.info, which aims to provide Internet users with helpful content and resources that will lead them to making healthier decisions. Dana has 15 years of caregiving experience, and after seeing some patterns of poor health she became determined to help inform people about healthy living. Disclosure: This blog may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of these links, I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. All opinions are strictly my own and do not reflect the company or product I am reviewing. Disclaimer: Sweet Honeybee Health and it’s owners are not medical professionals. Content on this website is intended for informational purposes only. I research and write on numerous health topics and companies. Do not use the information you find on this site as medical advice. You are encouraged to seek the advice of a medical professional prior to trying any health remedy, no matter how safe or risk-free it may claim to be.Please follow and like us: Related