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Aside from the new film, Swallows & Amazons and other books from the series has been adapted several times for film, television, radio and theatre. Film adapations 2016 Swallows & Amazons film: Official website (UK), Official website (USA), Facebook page, IMDB entry, Wikipedia page 1974 Swallows & Amazons film: IMDB entry, Wikipedia page Radio adaptions 1999 Swallows & Amazons BBC radio adaptation: Wikipedia entry Television adaptions 1984 Swallows & Amazons Forever!: The Big Six television series: IMDB Entry, Wikipedia page 1984 Swallows & Amazons Forever!: Coot Club television series: IMDB Entry, Wikipedia page 1963 Swallows & Amazons television series: IMDB entry, Wikipedia page Theatre adapations 2008 & 2016 We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea play: 2008 review, 2016 review 2010 Swallows & Amazons the Musical: Wikipedia entry, 2011 review 2014-15 Swallows & Amazons the Musical revival: pages at the Bristol Old Vic