Wednesday Wonder Woman: Deneka Vallius
Deneka Vallius is the owner of online boutique, KoKo Kouture, which prides itself on bringing quality fashion to women at affordable prices. Vallius is a native of New Orleans, LA and first generation Haitian- American, who opened her boutique almost a year ago as of now. She and I spoke a little prior to Hurricane Irma this year. Learn more about this Wonder Woman below. Fancy: How would you describe your swagher? What makes Deneka, Deneka? Deneka: Deneka is Deneka because she tries to stay true to herself, and she fits inside of her own bubble, so I stay inside of my own lane. I do what works for me, and by doing that I am able to advance at different things that I want to do, like I don’t try to be in someone else’s lane or measure up to someone else’s standards. I stick to doing me and that is Deneka. Fancy: So what inspired Koko Kouture? Deneka: I love fashion. It’s always been something that stuck to me, but I have more of a vintage approach [...]