JetSuite Introduces the World to “Kof”, the Other Sexy Side of Kofi Siriboe
Over the last few weeks many of us watching "Queen Sugar" have fallen for the beautiful, chocolate Kofi Siriboe who plays Ralph Angel. This week JetSuite, the artist spotlight on JetMag.com, revealed another side of Kofi Ava Duvernay has not shown us, Kof the poet. In his spotlight, Siriboe spits "My Dear NOLA", comparing his love for the city of New Orleans to a deep, tempting woman he's fallen for, knowing and expecting she will break his heart. "It took her time to open up But when she did, she bloomed like spring She smiled like summer And she cried like fall... Every day," Kof says as he describes New Orleans's rich, cultural yet dark history in this love letter. Born in Los Angeles, but of Ghanaian descent, Kof shares that he fell in love with the city while working there. "And just be awesome and expressive through you," Kofi says. Siriboe is calling out to others artists to not only to rep their cities but to also use their voices, their art to [...]