TBT: Terri J. Vaughn Talks Feeding the Soul
Excerpt from original interview published in our September 2014 issue. When first learning that I would be privileged to interview Terri J. Vaughn, my first thoughts were to enter our call with “Lovita!” but something warned me against that. Then I remembered that Vaughn is a pretty seasoned actress, and I got a little nervous. In the beginning of our interview, she describes her latest character as being the Libra of the bunch, and I got excited and told her I am a Libra too. Then she told me is a Libra also, and I was like- “ok, she cool”, and she really is, but I also realized that like most Libras, Vaughn is creative, caring, and deep. Most of us remember Terri J. Vaughn as Lovita Alizay Jenkins, the funny but ghetto secretary on “The Steve Harvey Show”, but there is much more to her than that. While Vaughn did receive three Image Awards for Best Supporting Actress for her role on “The Steve Harvey Show”, she has certainly outgrown [...]