She is Fancy
I am a fan of the She Linked Literary Arts & Poetry page on Facebook. Because I am a fan, I was chosen by another fan, Yvette Danielle, to receive a poem written by the page owner and writer, Laurinda Andujar. The following is what she wrote based off of what she knew of me from my Facebook page. I thought this was the sweetest thing, so you all know I cried upon reading it, but she also sent it to me on a day, I really needed a pick me up, so to read it and know this is what someone thinks of me, brightened my day. Thank you again Laurinda! Much peace and many blessings to you! She is Fancy The masses get antsyThey want to touch her crownHer head is always lifted She's gifted and intelligence abounds She is secure in her giftings and knows how to use them When troubles mount she doesn't get shaken easily and it confuses them There were many that anticipated for her a life of failure But her creator had plans otherwise To a cross they couldn't nail her They [...]