June 2012 King Swag: Justin “The Truth” Thomas
Can you describe the moment you discovered boxing to us? Growing up in a negative environment, fighting was one thing u had to do on the regular basis. But I actually started boxing to relieve certain stress from home. What is the story behind your nickname “The Truth?’ I got the nick name "The Truth" by the way I fight, but more so by my personality outside the ring. I'm always a man of my word, and if someone asks me my opinion or advice on a situation, I tell the the truth and what they need to here instead of what they wanna hear. What is it like working with Floyd Mayweather Sr.? It's a privilege and a dream to work with Floyd Sr. He is a very down to earth person and a good father figure. I also feel like I'm a step closer to accomplishing my dream, because of the experience, skills, and the knowledge he possess about the sport. Do you participate in any community service or volunteering? Yes I do. In my spare time I work with high school students [...]