Rosa Parks And The Call to Follow Christ - SURRENDER
Today marks the 60th anniversary of Rosa Park’s courageous stand (or should I say sit) against racism. Standing at 5’3” this woman with a small stature showed the world her huge heart by doing the unthinkable. Here we are 60 years later remembering what she did, and thanking God for her and her courageous act. Many Christian leader expressed their thankfulness for her actions today. 60 years ago today Rosa Parks stood up to injustice by keeping her seat. Grateful for her courage and leadership. — Russell Moore (@drmoore) December 1, 2015 The question for us is What will we do? When the entire world seems to be moving in a way that is so anti-biblical. What will you do? Not taking away anything from Rosa Parks’ incredible courage, A Christian who follows Christ when the entire world is opposed is worthy of even..