Mom Hears Her Babies Heart After He Dies - SURRENDER
An incredible story from CNN, shows a mom who in the midst of her sons death decides to donate his organs. His heart ends up saving a young girl. She gets to meet her and hear her heart. Watch for yourselves. Mom hears son’s heartbeat after his deathA mom in Arizona donated her 18-month-old son’s organs after he died. She recently met with the family of one of the lives he saved.*Editor’s note: Lukas Clark was 7-months-old when he died. The original video post says he was 18-months-old at the time of his death. Posted by CNN on Monday, February 1, 2016 What an incredible picture of salvation. Where Christ took upon himself the sins of the church. Also it is an incredible picture of the love a mom has for her child. It reminds me of this article..