Foundry Bible Immersion Week 2 Review - SURRENDER
By Heather Parshley Jordan Standridge jump-started our week by showing us from James and various other passages in the Bible that it is important to be not only hearers of the Word, but also doers. “The counsel to be quick to hear what God has to say and slow to complain has lingered in my mind the whole week,” says Melinda. This was a useful warning and exhortation since we are on our second week of reading through the Bible, having finished the book of Deuteronomy by Friday this week. On Tuesday, Ryan Francis reminded us that Jesus completely fulfills the law for us; He is our substitute. It was a timely reminder because reading the Pentateuch can make the unreachable standard of the law feel overwhelming. In Numbers 14, Moses pled to the Lord on behalf of the Israelites,..