Foundry Bible Immersion Week 10 Review - SURRENDER
The Foundry Bible Immersion in Washington D.C. is a ten week intensive discipleship school where students from all over America read through the entire Bible, do tons of evangelism, and take classes in theology, missions and Bible Survey. This is the last week’s review. Written By: Abby Breyer, Eli Valdez, Heather Parshley, Melinda Muller, Micah Schuler, & Sarah Schuler Devotionals This week, we got through John 10 with Stephen. We’re so encouraged to have listened to that and been under his teaching these past 10 weeks! John has been a difficult book for me to comprehend, and Stephen made it exciting for me to pick up the book of John and read it!. Some contexts and Jewish customs have become clearer to me by his exposition of the text! Thanks, Stephen. Alex led us on Thursday through 2 Timothy 2:1-7, as..