Foundry Bible Immersion 2017 Week 5 Review - SURRENDER
Written by Micalah Yarbrough Sunday The start of week five began with great fellowship at Immanuel Bible church. Ryan Francis taught an amazing message on Romans 4:5 and explained the beauty of the good news of Jesus Christ. Next we attended Foundry, the college group, and heard Jordan Standridge teach on Luke 10. For lunch we got to join a family from Immanuel in their home. After having a moment of relaxing and doing a little grocery shopping, we attended the evening service with a teaching from Alex Hairgrove. The message was on psalm 51, reminding us of the wonderful gift of God’s mercy and the importance of confession. For dinner, we went back to the home of our host families and enjoyed a relaxing night of fellowship. Monday Monday was Columbus Day, so we were blessed with a day..