Foundry Bible Immersion 2017 Week 4 Review - SURRENDER
Written by Jadon Berkhof Sunday Sundays are a lot of fun. First, we had worship during the main service. David Jones led the choir and orchestra. Jesse Johnson taught on the five “Solas” of the Reformation. Sola Gratia: grace alone. Sola Fide: faith alone. Solus Christus: Christ alone. Sola Scriptura: Scripture alone. Soli Deo Gloria: to God alone be the glory. The main point of the sermon was the importance of salvation not being earned by merit. After the main service, we had The Foundry which is the young adult Sunday School. Alex Hairgrove taught on Luke 10:25-28 and showed how a man cannot obtain perfection. After church, we had lunch with the Blackwell’s and got to know how they came to the area. That evening we had the treat of going to church concert which included people from both..