Studies have shown that from the 18th week of pregnancy, little babies begin to hear sounds. He/she may not be able to hear external sound at this point but he/she will be able to hear your heart beat, air moving in and out of your lungs, your growling stomach, and even the sound of blood moving through the umbilical cord. By week 26 your baby will be able to pick external sounds but the must audible sound your baby hears in the womb is the voice of his/her mother. In the third trimester, your baby can already recognize it. He will respond with an increased heart rate that suggests he is more alert when you’re speaking. WHY TO SHOULD SPEAK AND EVEN SING TO YOUR BABY IN THE WOMB It helps stimulate his/her hearing abilities It helps your baby to pick up words faster. After birth your baby’s brain recalls, recollects and remembers the words and dialects you were speaking to him/her and starts picking up speech swiftly. It stimulates brain development. The father needs to speak to the unborn child as well. This will help stimulate brain development while trying differentiate the sounds and voices of the parents. Join Our Online Community For Ladypreneurs and Career Women Follow us on Twitter @superwomanorg Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Follow us on Google plus Subscribe to our youtube channel Send us a mail Read any post you like? share and drop your comments And contact us If you would love to advertise on our magazine and/or site