US: We don't know how to just chill and have fun. You see, our time is important to us, we have brands to run and it takes lots of time. 24 hours is not enough so even when we decide to unwind, we love to do it among intellectuals. We could land amazing business partnerships from that time, we could get connections, or solutions to issues we are facing in our organisation. We are sure that even in unwinding our time will not be wasted. YOU: Oh pleaseeeee! What's the big deal? Other girls do it. US: Well, maybe they don't have businesses to run, brand names to protect, electricity to provide, staff to pay, careers to protect, domain names to renew, clients to satisfy etc we don't mean to sound rude but #wearenotlikeothergirls YOU: Remember that really cute gown you've always wanted? guess what? It's on sale now. You can now buy it before the price reverts. US: (sighs) We can't afford that right now. YOU: what do you mean by that? You just got paid yesterday. Every other girl would want to reward herself with that lovely gown. US: We have businesses to build and we still have a long way to go. We would love to have expensive clothes and jewelry but you see we have to pour back our earnings into the business. We don't mean to sound rude but #wearenotlikeothergirls YOU: So you all don't like to chat on social media like other girls do. What's up with that? US: like we mentioned earlier, time is of the essence to us. We have so much on our plate and cannot possibly engage in unproductive conversations. Social media is not just an interactive platform for us, it is our office. We attend to our clients via social media, we promote our businesses via social media, we host classes and conferences via social media. We work online. We are always online because we are working. We don't mean to sound rude but #wearenotlikeothergirls. I know many ladies who can relate to this. As business women, we make sacrifices. Success needs sacrifice. Your sacrife has not gone unnotice 2017 is your year. Share this for all the SuperWomen you know. Happy new year ladies,, cheers to a productive year. Our Facebook group for young women in business launches this year,, join ladies of like mind here ???????????????????????? Join Our Online Community For Ladypreneurs and Career Women Follow us on Twitter @superwomanorg Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Follow us on Google plus Subscribe to our youtube channel Send us a mail Read any post you like? share and drop your comments And contact us If you would love to advertise on our magazine and/or site