Yes!!!!! Our site is up and running again... For months now, our site has been shut down because our previous web operator decided to change the password of our CPanel login thus preventing us from renewing our domain name when it was about to expire It eventually expired and we had to wait for about a hundred days to repurchase. It was painful but it was the beginning of a new dawn for SuperWoman The temporarily shut down of our blog caused us to focus our energies in other areas. Honestly, it was a huge blessing in disguise. What did we do? 1) We opened a facebook group and focused on our interactions with citizens of our brand 2) We focused on holding physical classes and meetups.... -We held a physical version of SuperWoman Business Class on the 23rd of march 2017 with the gurus of the cake industry Tarela Okene of Dripples Cake and her mentor Gift Nwakwo of Swit Memoriz Cakes.... The Business of Cake Artistry -We also organized our first hangout SuperWoman Connect bringing together experts from different fields to share their stories and inspire our guests Ibinabo Amakiri of FRO NATION Alete Victor of FOOFOO NG Isaiah Olumati of Mirus Empire Pst (Mrs) Harriet John-Jack of Couples Refresh It was an exciting time indeed.. 3) We came back with a bang... For a long time we've been running a blog but with the expansion of our organization, we decided to build a website instead. Our site contains the comprehensive vision of our SuperWoman and still harbors the blog as well..... How cool is that? 4) We also published volume 2 of SuperWoman Magazine.... PDF to be uploaded soon... 5) We got a banging new logo.......smashing right? For all those we stuck with us through these times, thank you so much. For those we are just getting to know us, welcome. Do sign up to our email list and stay connected